I saw you’re looking for a Freelance Content Creator. Look no further, here she is! 

Laura Mulder - PF - LR-5

First things first, let me introduce myself. My name is Laura Mulder, I’m 24 years old and I live in Amsterdam. Two and a half years ago I graduated from the course Media Information & Communication here in Amsterdam. After this I started working as a freelance content creator. The freelance life is exciting, diverse and challenging but sometimes quite alone. So eventually I decided to apply for a part-time job in addition to my freelance work and soon I ended up at Vondel Hotels. A hotel collection with a few hotels in Amsterdam and Maastricht. Here I started two years ago as an online content creator. I was responsible for all the social media channels, the websites, photography and videography. The photography and videography was in the beginning mainly focused on creating content for social media but I soon noticed that I could do more with photo- and videography. In January 2020 I took a course in interior photography at Muk van Lil. This has given me a lot of knowledge and new insights into the photography profession. But photography was certainly not all I was doing, I was basically responsible for everything that happened online. From the technical level to the creative level. I was also responsible for creating different campaigns, summer campaigns, video campaigns, and so on. I love being responsible for creative expressions from beginning to end. Even better, of course, is to see that the campaign catches on and that all your work yields a good result. 

The hotel industry has suffered greatly from the corona measures, which is why it was decided that my contract could not be renewed as of December 7. Very unfortunate, but I see that there are also opportunities to discover new things and to grow further in the world of content. The timing of this job offer is therefore perfect for me! This is exactly a position where I see myself growing further in the field of content creation. You are also a brand that really suits me. I try to be very conscious of the environment and what we can do to make the world a better place. I get really excited when I read about what you stand for and I would love to be a part of that mission!

When I read your profile description I see myself reflected in it. Experience with creating and developing catchy videos, creating content for social media, experience with lifestyle shoots, creating content from scratch. Coincidentally, at the moment I’m just teaching myself the Adobe program After Effects, so this will soon be on my skill list as well. Besides that, Adobe  Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop & Premiere Pro have little secrets for me. 

Enough about me, I would now love to meet you and hear more about the Meatless Farm and its strategy. Hopefully I was able to convince you for a first meeting. Check our my CV here, and please don’t hesitate to check out my personal website here.



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